Best Mobile Makeup Artists in Honolulu

Beauty Spell Hawaii is your local makeup artists and hair styling team with the most amazing transformations you've ever seen. Our goal is to provide the best service and best artistry with amazing results, all at affordable prices. Our passion is making people look and feel beautiful. There's nothing better than seeing the excitement on our customers' faces when they look in the mirror. There is so much fun and excitement in doing hair and makeup for all types of people.

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Best service and best artistry
Gorgeous hairstyling in Honolulu
Your local styling team

The Beginning

Founder Lexi Nakada grew up in a small town in China, and from a very young age, had a consciousness about beauty. She was passionate about helping women improve their appearances, which was why she became an intern in plastic surgery. However, she was not able to continue practicing medicine in Hawaii since there are major differences between the medical systems, so she decided to go into the beauty industry.

Helpful Alternatives

Lexi believes in providing a more practical and alternative to plastic surgery, even though it may always remain a necessary "must do" for some. She prides herself on educating women on products, basic skin care, and makeup application and techniques to help them look their best. She knows all the tips to accentuate the positive and diminish the negative. With her help, you can get the desired look you want without having to go through painful and costly surgery.
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